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QC-701A Color Viewing Booth

JIS Z8724, CIE 30

Color viewing booth combines many different light sources for color comparison for printing, coating, textiles, fluorescence, etc.

Stimulate light source made according to C.I.E. daylight (Color temperature 6504°K), color performance evaluation: over RA96.

The determination could be different in various environments. Supper Daylight offers D65 standard sunshine light, F indoor light, UV fluorescence light and A sunset light. (option of other lights are also available). This tester has the function of using hours recording for each different light, which can be referred for lamp tube life time.

Liên hệ: (024) 8587 8169
 Specs    Description
 Inner chamber    67 x 50 x 35cm
 Control method    Complete-electronic type starter with high 
 frequency,users don’t have to wait for start. 
 Advantage    1.Partition lampshade for homologies light 
 source. Light Spot will not occur easily.

 2.Inner side of chamber painted with Optical- 
 Flat painting. Easy to read
 Timer    5 Sets. For record the using of each light, 
 lamp should be replaced after using for 1000 
 Dimension    72 x 42 x 58 cm
 Weight    25 kg
 Light Source    a. D65 - Artificial daylight
 b. TL84 - Euro commercial light
 c. CWF - Cool fluorescent light
 d. A - High energy Fluorescent light, 
 Standard day light
 e. UV - Ultra-Violet light

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