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QC-633 Drop Dart Impact Tester

This machines according to ASTM D1709-75 standard to designed. And also meet testing method A & B. It is an A & B dual function of testing machine. It is suitable for testing plastic film, sheet and lamination material of impact strength of impact resistance tester. The hemisphere of dart head will drop down directly from specific height to impact the specimen which is testing impact of resistance

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Specs    Description
 ASTM D1709    Method A
 Falling height    66cm(26")
 Dart diameter    38.1mm
 Dart Material    Aluminum(Surface coated with enamel)
 Dart weight    32 ± 2 g
 Total weight    300 g
 ASTM D1709    Method B
 Falling height    152.4cm (60”)
 Dart diameter    0.8mm
 Dart Material    Stainless steel
 Dart weight    320 ± 10 g
 Total weight    1,300 g
 Specimen frame    inside diameter ψ127㎜

 outer diameter ψ147㎜

 Specimen frame    inside diameter ψ127㎜

 outer diameter ψ147㎜

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