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QC-500A2 Universail testing machine

Rigid frame structure is not easy to be deformed. Precise serve motor and such as ball screw driving parts supply with stable test speed. Strong and functional computer system provides a complete test function; assemble with different grips/accessories are able to do various material test.

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 Specs    Description
 Capacity    500KN
 Force resolution    1/20,000
 Stroke(without grips)    1600 mm
 Speed range    0.1 ~ 300 mm/min

 Speed accuracy

   0.1 ~ 3 mm/min ± 2%

3 ~ 300 mm/min ± 1%
 Space between columns    550 mm
 Space between columns    550 mm
 Capacity    500KN
 Force resolution    1/20,000
 Stroke resolution    0.0001 mm
 PC Connection    USB
 Motive force    Servo motor driver
 Transmission method    Precise reducer, ball screw. It can reduce noise 
 and transmission missing and increase 
 transmission efficiency.
 Power    3 phase 200~240VAC,30A
 Dimension    150 × 85 × 295 cm
 Weight    2350KG
 Space between columns    550 mm

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